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Brands and Celebrities Have Taken Control of ‘Cool’ and Left True Innovators in the Lurch

It is no secret that most major brands struggle with audience targeting, more specially appealing to Generation X. How does one re-position their company or product?

In earlier times we have seen companies such as Pepsi make attempts at capturing the fun, open -minded and yet elusive market that is Generation X. Don’t recall it? Pepsi Generationext TV ad aired in 1997, where it features a bunch of kids excitedly singing and dancing to pop music, all while holding a can of Pepsi.

Celebrities have taken control of brands

In more recent times we have seen companies such as Nike use celebrity endorsements to sell products to a target market. This strategy has proven to be an incredible success. I am sure most remember the Lebron James and Nike deal. In 2003 Nike made a bold move, to give high school star athlete, Lebron James a seven-year 90 million dollar deal. As last reported by Nike, Lebron James is the top spokesperson for the company, raking in 340 million for the apparel giant.

As consumers, we see over 3,156 images a day. We’re just not conscious of them. Our subconscious records maybe 150, and only 30 or so reach our conscious behavior. If a celebrity is part of that message, it accelerates the potential for a product to reach the conscious of the consumer.

Source: Vice

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