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Album Covers Designed By Legendary Comedian Phil Hartman

Before he was a comedian, Phil Hartman worked as a graphic artist. He created some pretty famous album covers before he became a noteworthy entertainer. ...

Laptop Skin Design for DJ Karma

Portfolio Design
A look at the customized Laptop Skin we designed for DJ Karma. We do Graphic Design, Logo Design, and any Designs you need! ...

East Coast vs West Coast Designers

Which camp do you fall into? Do you fit the profile for the coast you live on? ...

Popular Rappers Transformed Into Cartoon Characters

German graphic designer Zhi-Yun Zhang turns some of today's top hip-hop stars into famous cartoon characters as part of his latest illustration. ...

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Creative Agency

Work Smarter
Here are a few reasons why you need to ditch the free design programs, invest in your business reputation and give yourself much needed peace of mind. ...

Liam Brazier and the Polygon

Illustrator and vector artist Liam Brazier brings many iconic, fictional characters to life through his mosaic like digital paintings. ...