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Classic Rock Album Covers as GIF Art

We're suckers for a good GIF! Artist Juan Betancourt creates mesmerizing moving worlds, transforming iconic rock album covers into nostalgic vignettes. Clever, and often surprising,  Betancourt's GIF artistry revives the images that once defined the likes of Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk, and Metallica. We collected some of our favourites here.

Animation “Dear B.I.G.” Pays Tribute to a Legend

"Dear B.I.G." Alex Gregg's animation tells the story of Biggie's part in the rise of hip hop, as told by his friend and business partner Steve Stout.

Minimalist Rapper Illustrations

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UK illustrator Dale Edwin Murray caught our eye when he immortalized some of our favourite rappers in his series "Best rapper alive, every year since 1979" for Complex. Take a look at some of our favourites here.

A Closer Look at Aphex Twin’s Iconic Logo

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We're getting our design nerd on, poring over the sketches and notes Nicholson has shared of an iconic creative vision developing from infancy. Check out some of our favourite here.

Kanye West on Design and Creativity

Kanye West is bigger than life these days.  His music is bigger than ever. His love life is bigger than ever .....ha! However when Kanye talks people listen.

Banksy’s Theme Park “Dismaland” Opens

Notorious street artist Banksy has been secretly assembling his own version of Disneyland in the small resort town of Western-super-Mare UK.