Target gives Market Pantry brand a new look


Whether we realize it or not, there is always an emotional aspect to buying something. We may not always be conscious of the ways our emotions dictate our purchases, especially impulse purchases, but the packaging designers are well aware of what drives us to buy what we buy – and they use it to guide their efforts.

Market Pantry is Target’s largest private brand, but the retailers “guest” thought the brand’s original packaging was a bit on the generic side. In need of a boost in their grocery sales, they enlisted the help of London-and-New-York-based Pearlfisher to update their Market Pantry line.

Through the redesign for Target’s Market Pantry they sought to deliver a sense of nostalgia and heritage that you might find from traditional pantry staples once found in your Grandmother’s kitchen – delivered in a way that only Target can: through bold, expressive typography, beautiful photography and food cues and clear navigation and product callouts. Check out more of the new designs below and look out for the new packing on shelves throughout 2016.

Target said it turned to its guest for ideas to create the new look. The new packaging design is based on customer feedback.

market pantry target redesign jumbo cooked shrimp

The new look for the range maintains the red and white color scheme but opts for a more homespun feel, with imagery and typography that feels decidedly artisan.

The new Target Market Pantry branding and packaging scheme is designed to appeal to the discerning millennial consumer

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