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Strategic Brand Marketing for a Life Coach

Dimple Mukherjee is well on her way to building a thriving coaching practice. An Occupational Therapist with more than 20 years of experience and a certified Health Coach, Dimple’s work is entrenched in her commitment for holistic health, and social and emotional wellness.

When Dimple approached us, her goals and vision had outgrown her existing brand and website. To continue her coaching business, Dimple needed to expand her client base and required a professional website to legitimize and promote her brand. After years of learning the ropes under her Whole Self Consulting label, Dimple relaunched her brand as Dimple Mukherjee, bringing her client interactions to a more personal, authentic place.  We created a decadent online brand presence with a firm understanding of her target audience.



Responsive Web Design
Email Signups
SEO-optimized Blog
Content Management System
Custom WordPress Development
Social Media Integration
SEO Consultation and Analytics


Custom Website Design

Every element of Dimple’s custom website design reflects her creativity and attention to detail. Together, we came up with a more engaging approach to exploring Dimple’s services.


The Home Page design propels Dimple’s story forward.

Fluid, elegant typography and a vibrant jewel-toned colour palette create a sophisticated brand experience. We maintained focus on getting to know the brand, and created an engaging layout that gives visitors key highlights and intuitive Calls To Action.

We also centralized Dimple’s core offering on a dedicated Story and Services page. Beginning with her personal narrative, we created an authentic connection between her experience and her work, making sign ups as easy as possible.

Making your website “work” for you

In a competitive market with numerous coaching brands vying for mindshare, Dimple’s professional online presence demonstrates her commitment to quality to her target audience, sharing her story and offering her services in a meaningful and authentic manner.

Give your personal brand an authentic space for engaging your prospects, building your client network and more. Reach out to get started today!