Flyer Art Tells the Story of NYC Nightlife

We're big fans of Flyer Art, and this book is a time capsule of NYC nightlife from 1988 to1999; the glorious era of hip-hop, house, and avant-garde.

Why Do I Need an Electronic Press Kit?

As much as the internet has levelled the playing field by opening up access, the sheer volume of creative content makes it near impossible to hold anyone's attention. A conventional resume format just doesn't cut it - for artists, DJs or any creative professional effective online marketing makes the difference between being known and remaining unknown.

We’re Hiring a Developer!

R1 News
We need a passionate and hands-on Full Stack WordPress Developer to join our remote team. Read our posting for details on what we're looking for and how to apply!

6 Ways to Persuade Effectively

Work Smarter
Persuasive people have an uncanny ability to get you leaning toward their way of thinking. Their secret weapon? They get you to like more than their ideas; they get you to like them.

Why Do I Need a Website?

Websites Work Smarter
Most entrepreneurs and small businesses run lean operations, and a professional website can seem like a considerable investment upfront. However running a business in the digital age offers unique opportunities that every entrepreneur should capitalize on. 

Illustrations of Your Favourite Techno DJs

We scoured the internet for digital art inspired by digital music. Collected here are some of the dopest examples of Illustrators paying homage to their favourite techno DJs, in their own distinct style and a unique personal perspective that shines in the work.

What Does a Website Award Represent?

Shopping for a website designer? Make sure you understand whether the “winning” in “award-winning” was earned – or purchased.

5 Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Social Media
Social Media is a great avenue to get in touch and be "social" with clients and potential clients. The end goal is to drive those people (traffic) to your website. Here are 5 easy and effective ways to drive more traffic to your blog.

10 Business Lessons from Notorious B.I.G.

Work Smarter
We flipped Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments” into business tips any entrepreneur can relate to.

Email Hacks That Will Boost Productivity

Work Smarter
An overflowing inbox is stressful and frustrating. These tips will minimize email's many distractions, so you can start making the most of your work day.

Prevent Yelp from hiding your reviews

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Here are a few practices that can help you leverage Yelp to strengthen your business and increase your rankings online.

Diet Coke Bottles as Custom Art Pieces

A new campaign turns every bottle of Diet Coke into a custom piece of art.

Target gives Market Pantry brand a new look

Target turned to its guest for ideas to create the new look. The new packaging design is based on their feedback.

15 Street Views Google Wasn’t Expecting

Beautiful and bizarre sights captured by the nine lenses on Google Street View camera cars as they photograph scenes around the world.

What the Hell Happened to Karmaloop?

The Rise and Fall of Karmaloop is an intriguing insight into the world that was Karmaloop and the reasons behind its fall from being one of the worlds biggest streetwear retailers to an industry pariah.

Would Non-Creatives Work for Free?

Work Smarter
A successful business with a strong brand and vision even in its early days believes in itself. Remember, it’s business, not a hobby.