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We designed a custom event management website for @AnthonyPresents, complete with an easy-to-use reservation form that makes it effortless for clients to say yes. His website is now a hub for his upcoming events, building his client network and generating ticket sales. Now who wouldn’t want that?

How Artist PROP4G4ND4 Crafted The Block Brand

It's not often we find ourselves transfixed by a club flyer. We get it. Club flyers are still regarded as disposable art, and are created and distributed with a kind of disregard. So imagine our glee when we discovered that rare creative symbiosis between a club and a designer. Where the flyer art enhances a club's image and branding, exemplifying a commitment to art and creativity.

A Custom Emblem for The Hill Bar & Grill

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The Hill Bar & Grill came to us looking for a logo that would firmly establish their brand on the local bar scene, and represent the rich, vibrant community it belongs to. Take a look at how we designed a recognizable classic crest emblem.

Minimalist Rapper Illustrations

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UK illustrator Dale Edwin Murray caught our eye when he immortalized some of our favourite rappers in his series "Best rapper alive, every year since 1979" for Complex. Take a look at some of our favourites here.

Vibrant Hues for the Elevate Party Creative

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Flyers are one of the most effective ways to create brand recognition, market your business, or promote your event. Check our latest for @anthonypresents at the @wsanfrancisco. Hit us up and step your flyer game up today! 

DJ Neko’s Custom Typographic Logo

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DJ Neko from the Cayman Islands just stepped his brand up with our new logo design. Our custom typeface logo for Neko was designed to brief - sharp, bold letterforms, line work with flow. We're quite proud of this one 💯