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The latest design trends, projects that inspire us and stuff we’ve been working on.

How Quality Graphic Design Helps Business

Small Business Design
The role of design has only become more important with the advent of digital marketing, from social media and websites to sales & marketing collateral. Any business, from small to large, needs good graphic design to successfully promote its products/ services. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of good graphics and how you can determine what makes a graphic design good.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Graphic Design and How to Get Started

Small Business Design
If you're seeking to skyrocket productivity and creative capacity, outsourcing design projects can be a great choice regardless of your team's size. Here are some ways that delegating graphic designs can effectively improve the performance of your business.

Website Redesign for DJ Daniel Dubb

R1 Work Design
DJ, Producer, Label Boss, and straight-up house music purist, DJ Daniel Dubb is one of the hardest working in his industry. We’re major fans, so it’s been an absolute pleasure to design his official website. Take a look!

How Artist PROP4G4ND4 Crafted The Block Brand

It's not often we find ourselves transfixed by a club flyer. We get it. Club flyers are still regarded as disposable art, and are created and distributed with a kind of disregard. So imagine our glee when we discovered that rare creative symbiosis between a club and a designer. Where the flyer art enhances a club's image and branding, exemplifying a commitment to art and creativity.

Minimalist Rapper Illustrations

Inspiration Design
UK illustrator Dale Edwin Murray caught our eye when he immortalized some of our favourite rappers in his series "Best rapper alive, every year since 1979" for Complex. Take a look at some of our favourites here.

Illustrations Celebrating DJ Black Coffee

Inspiration Design
We love how Red Bull's mass market campaign #10YearsOfBlackCoffee was built by die-hard DJ Black Coffee fans, for his fans, making it an all the more authentic celebration of his accomplishments. We've saved some of our favourite illustrations.

A Closer Look at Aphex Twin’s Iconic Logo

Inspiration Design
We're getting our design nerd on, poring over the sketches and notes Nicholson has shared of an iconic creative vision developing from infancy. Check out some of our favourite here.