Case Study

3D Renderings and Pitch Deck Design for Polana


Polana is a carnival destination

Located in upscale Miramar known for its famous carnival parties, Polana is a pre-construction condominium project designed for luxury living. Just 2km from the beach and surrounded by trendy restaurants, this 23 suite address is set to become the next hot property listing.

What we did for Polana

3D Modelling and Renderings • Press Kit Design

Polished and Professional.

The Real Estate Press Kit Design Brief

Polana needed to market to the right clientele, and polished promotional collateral was critical for reaching and converting their target buyer personas. Given its location in a rapidly developing area, the competition amongst real estate developers is stiff, and Polana recognized the importance of a tailored, professional Press Kit to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Our 3D Renderings and Press Kit give visual form to the vision behind Polana.

3D Modelling and Renderings

We focused on the details to create photorealistic 3D renderings intended to help Polana’s target clientele envision living in this pre-construction project. Real-world luxurious interior environments were rendered to contextualize Polana, bringing the project to life, and serve as a powerful marketing tool.

Real Estate Press Kit Design

Our press kit design for Polana features the 3D renderings and helps clientele visualize the final product. A focus on real-world settings appeal to their emotions, creating an instant connection to the value offered by Polana. Clear sans serif type keeps the text uncluttered, the copy is limited to allow the renderings do the storytelling.  


Marketing success for residential real estate development projects depends in large part on how well your brand appeals to potential buyers. Selling upscale developments in a competitive marketplace requires polished promotional collateral, and a well-designed press kit is the best place to start. Let’s get to work on yours today.