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Product Branding & eCommerce Marketing for NCredible Audio

NCredible Audio was looking to rebuild a faltering brand image and recover from sluggish sales. Our goal was to reinvent the brand, encompassing tactics in both digital and retail channels to appeal to a wider audience base.

We overhauled NCredible Audio’s visual identity, launched a dedicated eCommerce website and Amazon Store, built its digital presence on social media and redesigned its packaging and modular retail display units. Since rebranding, NCredible Audio is carried across Wireless Carrier and Big Box Retailers nationwide with a growing line of audio accessories products.

Here’s how we helped transform the reputation of a struggling consumer electronics product line into a powerhouse brand with widespread appeal and growing revenue across multiple sales channels.


Branding Strategy
Omnichannel Strategy
Digital experience strategy
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Product Design
Packaging Design
Retail Display Design
UI/ UX Design
eCommerce Development
Brand Style Guide
Product/ Lifestyle Photography
3D Renderings
Product Videos
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Carving out space amongst dominant players

The consumer audio market is dominated by brands like Beats by Dre, Sony and JBL Audio. The NCredible Audio Team needed to differentiate by cultivating a strong brand voice that was both authentic and stood out from the crowd. Over the years the brand had lost a consistent story and connection with its fan base.

We developed the brand identity in close collaboration with Nick Cannon. The new visual language intentionally breaks free from NCredible Audio’s past reputation as a copycat, economy label.

Visual branding

The visual identity system was developed to reflect the core values of the brand. From palette to typeface and iconography, every element reflects quality design with functional utility. Our accompanying style guide documents brand elements and design considerations to help marketing teams integrate standards across all collateral.

Through consistent use across all buyer touchpoints, the new design system enhances recognition. It also builds trust in the brand promise of bringing market-leading audio technology to the everyday consumer.

Packaging design and unboxing experience

Packaging is an essential brand identity tool and represents the most direct customer touchpoint. It has undeniable influence over buying decisions, for both brick and mortar and eCommerce retailers alike. We created an unboxing experience for NCredible Audio that echoes similar luxury brands and therefore furthers brand trust.

Our custom design focuses on our 3D product renderings and differentiates the product line from competitors by conveying quality, and ultimately product worth. Clean, minimalist packaging reflects the sleek, user-friendly product inside. The effect is a lasting impression both on a retail shelf and in the minds of customers.

Product & lifestyle photography

Product and lifestyle images are essential building blocks for any marketing strategy. Our photography campaigns focused on creating inspiring images to bring the brand story to life. Real, everyday moments in natural, relaxed settings create relatable scenes that humanize the product, and ultimately inspire and motivate action.

Influencer campaigns

NCredible Audio needed a launch campaign that would raise brand awareness and drive immediate engagement. With market-leading brands like JBL Audio, House of Marley and Skullcandy competing for the same demographic with similar products and pricing, we needed to think beyond basic demographic targeting. The direct affiliation with Nick Cannon’s NCredible brand helped us to define our core fanbase. The habits and motivators of this fanbase were analyzed to create marketing content that was a natural fit for Cannon’s immediate audience.

Our creative direction helped NCredible Audio strike a balance between wearable technology, aspirational lifestyle and marketable fashion accessories. We featured Cannon front and center, drawing on the reach of his celebrity to communicate directly with our target audience. A sizzle reel was developed for retail stores that raised awareness and created interest in the product line.

The campaign was expanded to include influencers who embodied the NCredible brand’s core values. Supporting influencers included musicians and artists on the rise, with an undeniable commitment to their craft and natural alignment with the NCredible spirit.

Quality product collateral

Our creative direction has enabled the brand to pivot in a new direction that is distinctly NCredible: bold, sleek, and fashionable. High-quality 3D renderings bring the product experience to life by emphasizing key benefits and features.

By showcasing the product in its best light, we brought attention to the quality materials and authentic craftsmanship that drives the NCredible brand. Product collateral was created for all channels, digital and offline. Sales enablement materials equipped retail channels with the marketing content that speaks to the target audience. Beautifully rendered 3D videos were produced for campaigns, showcasing the products in an eye-catching light.

eCommerce Website

Facing stiff competition in a marketplace crowded with slick, celebrity-endorsed social campaigns, the brand needed a complete overhaul of its online presence. We created a digital hub for NCredible Audio that serves as a destination for building brand and product awareness. The added benefit of an online store gives shoppers the opportunity to make a purchase in a few easy steps.

Our eCommerce website is optimized for user experience, with a streamlined flow from product discovery to checkout. With sales conversion as the main focus, dedicated product pages showcase user stories and design features.

Photography to 3D product renderings and videos push the brand story forward. Quality brand content was used to reinforce NCredible Audio’s image as a premium brand. The content speaks directly to music and budget-conscious youth audience through lifestyle photography and video while establishing high art direction and design standards.

Optimized for user experience

User experience was our primary focus as we ensured all content and digital touchpoints were relatable to our target Millennial and Gen Z audience, while also supporting the overarching brand narrative. The eCommerce experience is optimized across all screen sizes ensuring we serve all user behaviors and browsing devices.

Site navigation and page layouts are visually streamlined and designed for thumb scroll interactions. The layout allows for easy scanning and exploration. Content is served as users scroll through pages to focus messaging while reducing cognitive load.

Mobile-ready shopping

Consumers are spending more time online researching products and brands, making it absolutely essential for brands like NCredible Audio with a young target demographic to serve mobile-ready eCommerce experiences.

The website is responsive across screen sizes, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktop computers. Pages are optimized for mobile with layouts structured for finger scrolling, allowing users to easily select buttons and links on smaller screens. Featherlight code allows pages to load quickly, providing a streamlined experience across all device types.

Content marketing for commerce

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting directly with our target demographic. Our content strategy focuses on growing brand presence through influencer stories and aspirational messaging. Lifestyle storytelling further builds emotional appeal, ultimately creating opportunities for our audience to discover products and connect more personally with the brand.

Retail Store Display

Visual merchandising is an opportunity to create a curated brand experience. Retail displays, in particular, play a key role in bringing online brand awareness into the store. The modular design we created for NCredible Audio uses a consistent look and feel as the website. Engaging photography and messaging captures the attention of shoppers, while light boxes illuminate the products from below to accentuate their details.

Product demo units are the focal point of the display, giving customers a feel for the signature NCredible sound experience. Powerful, sales-enabling signage showcases the features and benefits of each product, inspiring a purchase.

Changing consumer behavior and needs are shifting the traditional approach to retail channel management and product marketing. Today, success means reaching consumers where they are, on any device they might be using to browse and discover products online.

A strong brand presence is the key to gaining mindshare online. With the right omnichannel infrastructure, brands can ensure all consumer touchpoints along the buyer journey are covered, ultimately giving consumers the freedom to complete their purchase as they prefer.

Are you looking to grow product brand sales? We’re here to help.