Case Study

Logo and Press Kit Design for DJ Yo Yolie


Yo Yolie has residencies at TAO in The Venetian, Lavo in The Palazzo, The Cosmopolitan and The Monte Carlo in Las Vegas.

When she isn’t spinning at world-renowned venues across the country, Yolie is dropping sets for leading brands such as Nike, Victoria’s Secret, Google, NFL and more. Her turntable skills are true to DJ tradition, seamlessly mixing the newest sounds with the rarest gems.


What we did for Yo Yolie

Logo Design  •  Electronic Press Kit (EPK) Design 

Sleek and Simple – but with a hint of character.

The Logo Design Brief

Yolie had a clear idea of the look and feel and she was going for; sleek and simple – but with a hint of character. She was drawn to turntable imagery, such as vinyl, platter dots, and tone arms, and interested in exploring ways to incorporate this into her logo.

Our combination mark captures Yolie’s vibe

We experimented with a variety of typefaces and graphical details, seeking the right balance of simple and interesting. The custom typeface we chose plays with the letters in a clever and imaginative way. The headphone jack, tonal arm, and vinyl add subtle creative detail, with pops of pink to draw the eye. The resulting logo has character, standing clearly distinct from her colleagues’, and truly representative of Yolie’s passion and style.

A press kit refresh.

The EPK Brief

Yolie loved the first press kit we designed for her, and returned two years later for a refresh. She had just wrapped a photo shoot capturing high energy live shots of her performing, and was excited to update her promotional materials. Now that she was booking high profile gigs at renowned venues, Yolie needed a full electronic press kit to showcase her experience and accomplishments.

Dynamic and personal.

Our press kit design for Yolie lays out her images, video and text in an uncluttered way, drawing on inspiration from the magazine spreads Yolie admires. We used the dynamic shots from Yolie’s DJ set photo shoot, showing her performing and connecting with the crowd, interspersed with Yolie’s headshots for a personal touch. We kept to Yolie’s brand palette for the most part, introducing an occasional bright pop of colour for visual interest.

One of the most strategic pieces of promotional material is your Electronic Press Kit. It’s your resume, your chance to showcase what sets you apart from the rest – the gateway to getting you those gigs.

Getting a professionally designed EPK is putting your best foot forward, it says you’re a professional, invested in your career and that you take networking seriously. Hit us up to get started on your new EPK today.