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DJ Weapon is a Billboard Charting Producer and Weekly Resident DJ

Music has always been a driving passion for Bay Area’s DJ Weapon, leading him to audio engineering, music production, and even a “short stint as a struggling karaoke singer.” You can catch DJ Weapon spinning at local hotspots, and on Tuesday nights at his residency at Infusion Lounge. 



Logo Design
Press Kit Design


A memorable DJ logo

DJ Weapon was looking to break from his existing logo, and needed a fresh new design that would stand out on promotional materials. He wanted a simple yet distinct, modern and memorable typographic logo, an uncluttered approach to capturing his passionate and positive vibe.

We created a modern, uncluttered geometric DJ logo. Using capital letters we simplified the design further, bringing forward Weapon’s confident and larger than life personality. We focused on legibility, ensuring each letter was represented fully. Creative play with the individual letters resulted in arranging and angling lines in unexpected ways, which communicates a fun, energetic and unpredictable brand personality.

A new EPK to rep his brand

Weapon also needed an update to his old press kit, featuring his new logo and recent photo shoot. He left the direction up to us, wanting to see his new brand identity translate into a full 4 page EPK. Spinning more than 200 gigs a year on average, Weapon had a list of accomplishments he wanted to feature. His new EPK needed to represent his experience while somehow capturing his passionate energy.

Attentive design gets attention

DJ Weapon’s press kit presents his resume and social profiles in an engaging, and easy-to-follow layout. We selected photos of Weapon that captured his personality best, editing them to look cohesive with his brand. Keeping Weapon’s brand palette to an intense, deep red further heightens the intensity, harmonizing with the geometric graphic design details. The resulting design demands your attention, you simply cannot look past Weapon’s EPK without looking in.  

One of the most strategic pieces of promotional material is your Electronic Press Kit (EPK). It’s your resume, your chance to showcase what sets you apart from the rest – the gateway to getting you those gigs.

Getting a professionally designed EPK is putting your best foot forward, it says you’re a professional, invested in your career and that you take networking seriously.

Hit us up to get started on your new EPK today.