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Branding Red Bull Thre3style Champ J Espinosa

J Espinosa is a USA Red Bull Thre3style Champ and the Oakland Raiders’ Official In Game DJ. He exploded onto the local music scene in 2001 at the age of 17 with his DJ debut on San Francisco’s Wild 94.9/KYLD. Today, J is regarded as a legendary turntablist, a jetsetter booking gigs at some of the hottest nightclubs around the world while holding down the airwaves every weekend on Power 106 LA.

We helped J build a solid foundation for his online music marketing, covering everything from designing his official logo and EPK to launching an effective music website.


Logo Design
Press Kit Design
Responsive Web Design
Event Calendar
Content Management System
Custom WordPress Development
Social Media Integration


Personality, style and flavour

J Espinosa came to us for a modern, professional DJ logo that would be taken seriously but still have personality, style and flavor.

We went straight to the drawing board and started developing typography-based ideas with clean, geometrical lines. We honed in on bold typography with stylized elements that strike the balance between simple and iconic. Espinosa’s logo has withstood the test of time, still looking fresh and relevant years later.

A digital presence to match the credentials

J recognized the importance of a professional online presence, and with his rapid rise to international success he needed a digital space to connect with his growing fan base, showcase his all-star achievements, generate even more interest in his popular mixes, and promote gigs. We custom designed a modern press kit-style website featuring his bio, show dates and contact info.

J. Espinosa’s online presence stands as proof that he’s a serious DJ, committed to developing his brand and reaching his fans. As a marketing tool, his website reaches booking agents and venues, as well fans and music lovers. It functions as both a gateway to more gigs and a platform for his fanbase to refer to.

A gateway to gigs

Espinosa’s Press Kit gives him an edge in the competitive world of professional DJing, putting his achievements and experience upfront for key decision-makers in the music industry, showing them without a doubt that J is top DJ talent.

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