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Community Matters empowers students to stop bullying

Community Matters is a nonprofit based in Santa Rosa, California with the primary purpose of harnessing student power to stop bullying and violence. Community Matters created the Safe School Ambassadors® Program in response to the Columbine High School shootings, and other community programs focused on violence prevention, youth development, and sustaining school and community partnerships.


Explainer Video Animation
Graphic Design

Reaching your target audience

With the rise in popularity of video campaigns, Community Matters recognised the potential reach of an animated short. Social media is a key marketing channel for the organisation, and has proven to be an effective way of reaching their target audience: children and parents.

Community Matters approached us to create an animated short for their anti-bullying campaign. An accompanying infographic was also needed to represent the key ideas covered in the short. The campaign was directed at school children and parents, with the goal of raising awareness and encouraging social activism.

We collaborated with Community Matters to storyboard their ideas, and created over 50 custom illustrations for a 2 minute animation.

Designing for your audience

Our character design was aimed at young children, incorporating a flat shape style and bright vibrant colours to capture attention. Simple single colour scene backgrounds keep the focus on the characters and messaging. Script in a clean, highly legible type allowed clear communication of ideas.

The two minute animation for the Stop Bullying Campaign portrays bullying as a contagious virus, spreading as easily as a cold from child to child, gathering power from indifference in a community.

By refining complex ideas into a simple script storyboarded into easy-to-follow animated scenes, Community Matter’s Anti-Bullying Campaign reaches its audience in a direct and approachable manner, keeping the user super engaged through it all.

Animations are ideal for campaigns looking for an imaginative way to engage their audience. From explainer videos breaking down complex technologies to social awareness campaigns conveying emotionally charged ideas, motion graphics are an important tool in a video marketing strategy.

Interested in using animations as part of your marketing strategy?