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Revitalizing an Insurance Brokerage's Branding & Website

Insurance Management Group (IMG) is an established brokerage headquartered in Marion, Indiana. IMG serves their local community and state-wide businesses with insurance and risk management solutions. Since its inception in 1996, IMG has grown from a small family-run agency into a multidisciplinary team of over 50 employees. As IMG’s expertise and local footprint grew and evolved, its brand remained rooted in the past. Their target market was evolving as well, moving from a purely in-person, agent-dependent purchasing journey, to researching and renewing insurance products on the internet.

The IMG team needed their branding overhauled to fully represent their capabilities and articulate their service differentiators, and an improved online presence to support its existing clients and engage prospects.

Here’s how we helped.


Brand Identity
Brand Guide
Custom Website Design
Web Development
Content Management System (CMS)
Content Copywriting
Sales Collateral
Brochure Design


A New Positioning Strategy

We kicked off our engagement with a series of brand strategy workshops aligning key stakeholders across all lines of business and setting the tone for the work to follow. The first step was to assess the current position of the IMG brand. Through a series of interviews with the executive team and focus groups with customers and employees, we uncovered how the company was perceived in the marketplace. We also looked at the competitive landscape and identified opportunities for IMG to better position itself.

Once we had a clear understanding of the current state, we set out to define IMG’s new brand identity. Following deep discussion and targeted focus groups, we distilled our insights into a brand platform that would serve as the foundation for all future communications. This platform included a new positioning statement and key messaging.

With collaboration from the IMG team, we pushed the strategy beyond pure aesthetics to developing a new brand persona that truly represented IMG’s exceptional team culture – energetic, positive and trustworthy.

Breathing new life into a dated brand

IMG’s new identity had to represent its legacy while rejuvenating its connections with its employees, community and customers. The new branding achieves this by incorporating elements that depict professionalism and trustworthiness while still maintaining an edge of friendliness and youth. The logo is scalable and easy to replicate across all media, and stands out in all representations.

The new identity captures IMG’s unique mix of personal service, industry expertise and community focus. The new tagline — Feel confident about your future — also reflects their role as a reliable and forward-thinking partner who helps families and businesses overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

A Visually Compelling, Scalable Brand Identity

We began by refreshing IMG’s logo and color palette. The new mark incorporates the company’s initials, paired with a modern wordmark that is friendly and easy to read. The shield design with distinctive “edge” capture the brand’s promise of proactive risk management as a value-building advantage. This element is mirrored in elements used throughout the design system. Three warm accent colors represent IMG’s major lines of business: personal lines, commercial lines and employee benefits, offering clients a clear way to distinguish between messages.

Brand Style Guide

We created a comprehensive brand style guide to assist internal teams, vendors and partners. Detailed guidelines for logo usage, color palette, typography, and more empower IMG to develop branded collateral while maintaining a cohesive look that is professional and high quality.

Improving Customer Experience with a Website Rebuild

IMG’s previous website was challenging to navigate, lacked relevant information about services and lines of business. Engaging content on team culture and positioning on service differentiators were missing, and the site did not represent IMG’s spirit of delightful customer service. The overall effect was dated and boring, doing more disservice than good.

Our website redesign breaks through the dull corporate approach with user friendly, customer experience optimized layouts. Intuitive site architecture helps visitors quickly find the information they’re looking for and encourages users to click through and learn more about IMG and its exceptional service. The brand palette we established is used to easily differentiate between lines of business, making user navigation a breeze on any device.

Content to Support Customer Journeys

The website is built on a robust Content Management System that gives IMG the flexibility to update and manage its site. The website features clear calls to action, easy-to-navigate insurance product pages, and a blog to keep customers informed of industry news and company updates.

Collateral for Commercial Sales

In addition to the branding and website, we also developed the copy and design for a sales brochure for the commercial lines team. We worked closely with key sales executives to create a messaging strategy that would build confidence in the sales rep while building trust amongst prospects, easing the path to new leads.