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Creating a VJ loop animation for superstar DJ Scooter

DJ Scooter needed to capture the energy from his performances to differentiate his sets and create memorable experiences for his audience. He came to us looking for a fun, engaging VJ loop made up of animated illustrations.


VJ Loop Animation 
Custom Comic Design


DJ Scooter wanted to create memorable experiences

We worked with Scooter to storyboard his ideas and created over 50 custom illustrations for a 50 second VJ Loop split into 3 parts.

We kept the colour palette to bright, vibrant hues to enhance the energy in each dynamic scenario.

We drew inspiration from Scooter’s genre-bending DJ sets to create a variety of interesting party scenes with Scooter as the focus.

By investing in a one-of-a-kind VJ Loop, Scooter has amplified the spirit of his performances in a fun and interesting way. Booking Agents, Promoters and Venue Management see proof of how seriously Scooter regards his performances, and how important it is to him to inspire his crowd and make his gigs the ones to remember.

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