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Havok is an open-format DJ in the Bay Area

The Bay Area has a thriving nightlife scene, and Havok is working it. Spinning at all the top Bay Area nightclubs, Havok incorporates grimy rap beats with sexy pop electro, bringing freshness and originality to the mix.


Logo Design


Bold and Gritty

Taking his name from an X-men character, Havok was looking for a logo design that was modern and masculine. Something simple, but not plain. Bold and serious, but with a gritty quality. The design has to live up to the name! 

We designed custom lettering drawing on an urban, edgy style to appeal to Havok’s audience. The emphasis was on bold geometric letters, stylized to create high contrast with its sharp angles and cutout details. The result is a versatile logo with character, distinct from the crowd, and representative of Havok’s unique style.  

DJ Havok’s logo has a vivid, distinct quality, giving his brand instant recognition. And that’s key when Havok’s name is on nightclub promotional material – it stands out to and gets noticed.

A well-designed logo is critical to getting those bookings and enhancing brand recognition.

Hit us up to get yours.